Annotation Type RDFContainer

public @interface RDFContainer

Applied to: Method declaration
Value: RDFContainer.ContainerType (optional)
Default value: RDFContainer.ContainerType.NONE

@RDFContainer annotation extends RDFBean property declaration (RDF) for the properties of Java array or Collection types. The annotation takes a constant from RDFContainer.ContainerType enumeration as an argument to specify how the multiple values must be represented in RDF.

If @RDFContainer annotation is undefined or takes the default RDFContainer.ContainerType.NONE argument, the property is represented as a set of individual RDF statements created for each value. The order of elements is not guaranteed in this case.

Otherwise, multiple values are represented as a RDF Container of a type specified by RDFContainer.ContainerType constant.


 public String[] getNick() { 
 @RDFContainer(ContainerType.NONE) // -- this is unnecessary public
 Set getKnows() { 


Optional Element Summary
 RDFContainer.ContainerType value
          Specifies a type of RDF container for Collection properties.


public abstract RDFContainer.ContainerType value
Specifies a type of RDF container for Collection properties.


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